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I was born in 1976. I grew up splitting my time between Andover in the Merrimack Valley, Charlestown & East Boston on some weekends. At 17, I graduated High School early and chose to work until heading to college. I relocated to metro Boston and attended college at the Art Institute of Boston where I earned my Bachelors In Fine Arts in 1998. I also won the "Excellence In Design" accolade from the school. For a brief time, I instructed at the same college in their "Continuing Education" program. After working a variety of freelance design jobs at firms, I became a freelance Artist/Designer primarily working in the Independent music community. 

Today I spend most of my time making artwork, writing and performing music, and working for the Deathwish Inc.


Deathwish Inc. (2000-Present)
In 2000, I co-founded Deathwish Inc. with Tre McCarthy. Started as an aggressive record label, Deathwish has released hundreds of releases. In 2007, Deathwish acquired the hardcore/punk label, Malfunction Records founded by longtime friends Linas Garsys and Tru Pray. In early 2008, we acquired the Perfect Victim record label and now manage their existing catalog of music.

In 2012, Deathwish branched out into the distribution world with the creation of DW Direct. This distribution arm places thousands of titles from hundreds of labels into independent stores all over the world.



Converge (1991-Present) 
In 1990 I started Converge with co-founder Kurt Ballou, along with other high school friends. I was around 14 years old at the time. We started out like many bands, covering our favorite artists. After a year or so of writing songs and recording demos, the band slowly progressed into something more substantial. We played our first shows in the middle of 1991. We started writing and playing what we today consider "relevant" music in 1994. At that time we started incorporating deeper influences like Starkweather, The Accused, Rorschach, and Born Against into our approach. Since then our band has evolved considerably. To date, we have released music on labels Epitaph, Deathwish, Equal Vision, Hydra Head, Relapse, Ferret, and more.

In the of Fall 2001 we settled on a definitive lineup:
Jacob Bannon - Vocals, lyrics, visuals
Kurt Ballou - Guitar, backing vocals
Nate Newton - Bass, backing vocals
Ben Koller - Drums


Supermachiner (1994-2000)
Supermachiner originally began as a collection of 4 track recordings I recorded in 1994, prior to me moving to Boston. The music was much different than Converge, having more in common with influences Swans, Bauhaus, and others. The crude project remained dormant for a number of years. With the help and inspiration of Ryan Parker (Daltonic, Black Spot, The Jaded Salingers), we brought the project back to life in the winter of 1998. Together we developed our collective song ideas into the "Rise Of The Great Machine" album. I structured the lyrical content around my feelings on the rise of technology and the death of the individual, making the project thematic in its content. We named the project "Supermachiner", a play on the term "Supermachinder" the compound word for Japanese Giant Robot Toys from the 1970s.

We entered the studio with Kurt Ballou (Converge) in the winter of 1999. During the sessions, Kurt contributed a great deal to the album material. "Rise Of The Great Machine" was released in 2000. After the album was released future projects were planned but never materialized. A collection of all existing recordings and demos we recorded was released on as a 2XCD titled "Rust". The original "Rise Of The Great Machine" was also released on vinyl by the E-Vinyl label in France (limited to 1000 copies) in 2008.

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