MSTRKRFT "Operator"

Guest vocal and lyrics on "Go On Without Me".

Converge "You Fail Me" Redux

Nails "You Will Never Be One Of Us"

Guest vocal in the introduction of "You Will Never Be One Of Us".

Converge "Thousands of Miles Between Us"

Converge "Live at the BBC" 7"EP

Converge "Caring and Killing" 2XLP

Not new music, but the early years of Converge 1991-1994.
Packaging revamped and remastered for a 2013 vinyl release, original collection CD only.
Wear Your Wounds & Revelator Split 7"EP

Converge "All We Love We Leave Behind" Book/CD/CS/2XLP/Digital

Converge " Pound For Pound: The Wolverine Blues Sessions

Digital only release of "Wolverine Blues" w/ different lead vocalist combinations.

Converge & Napalm Death Split 7"EP

Converge & Dropdead Split 7"EP/Digital

Converge "On My Shield" 7" Single/Digital

Irons & Pulling Teeth "Grey Saviour" Split 12"LP

108 "18.61" CD/LP/Digital

Guest vocal appearance.

Converge "Axe To Fall" CD/LP/Digital

Supermachiner "Rust" 2XCD Collection

Pulling Teeth "Paradise Illusions | Paranoid Delusions" CD/LP

Guest vocal appearance.

Supermachiner "Rise Of The Great Machine" 2XLP

One time pressing, on the E-Vinyl label (France).

"The Blood Of Thine Enemies" by J. Bannon 7"EP

DW Live Series 02: Converge in Minneapolis, MN 09.21.05 Digital

Converge "No Heroes" CD/LP/Digital

Converge "Petitioning Forever" 2XLP

2XLP & Bonus 7"EP version of both "Petitioning..." and "When Forever..." albums.
Converge "When Forever Comes Crashing" Redux CD

Converge "Petitioning The Empty Sky" Redux CD

Some Girls "All My Friends Are Going Death" CD/LP

Guest vocal appearance.

Converge "You Fail Me" CD/LP/Digital

Ramallah "...But A Whimper" MCD/2X7"EP/Digital

Guest vocal appearance.

Give Up The Ghost "We're Down Til We're Underground" CD/LP/Digital

Guest vocal appearance on "Love American".

Give Up The Ghost "Love American" CD Single/7"EP/Digital

Guest vocal appearance.
Converge "Unloved & Weeded Out" CD/4X7EP/LP/Digital Collection

Some Girls "The Rains" 7"EP

Guest vocal appearance.

Converge "The Long Road Home" 2XDVD
Converge "Jane Doe" CD/2XLP/Digital

Deeper The Wound: Converge & Hellchild Split CD/LP/Digital

Supermachiner "Rise Of The Great Machine" CD

The Poacher Diaries: Converge & ANB Split CD/LP/Digital

V/A "Disintegrated" A Tribute to The Cure CD

Converge included on compilation.

V/A "Tomorrow Seems So Hopeless" A Tribute to Negative Approach CD

Converge included on compilation.

Converge "Y2K" 7"EP

Cave In "Until Your Heart Stops" CD/LP

Guest vocal appearance.

Among The Dead We Pray For Light: Converge & Coalesce Split 7"EP